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What SB15 Means to You

We need to stop Senate Bill 15 because it is a far-reaching bill that will block local governments from adopting any policies – past, present or future -- that increase wages, benefits, or any other condition of employment beyond state and federal minimum requirements. 

Local city and county governments are closest to the communities they represent. What works for Austin, San Antonio, or El Paso may not work for Abilene or Beaumont.

If local communities want to expand paid sick days or improve construction wages and safety standards, politicians and lobbyists at the state capitol in Austin shouldn’t get in the way.

See below for a few examples of how Senate Bill 15 hurts working people in Texas.


Local government efforts are making sure Texans don't have to choose between going to work to pay their bills and calling in sick to care for a sick child or elderly parent.

Senate Bill 15 would take that away -- forcing teachers, food service workers, and nurses, and other workers across the state to go to work when they are sick.


None of us want to be served or have our kids served by waiters or cashiers who have the flu.



Revisions to Senate Bill 15 would even prohibit local efforts to protect against discrimination. It has now become 'Bathroom Bill 2.0.'


That means Texas would once again be walking a backward legislative path when it comes to civil rights, human rights and meeting the basic needs of its residents.


Senate Bill 15 would kill local efforts -- like one which has been deliberated in San Antonio for more than a year -- to increase wages and safety standards on construction sites. The bill would do away with similar policies in Austin and proposed policies in Dallas.

Senate Bill 15 would also eliminate an important safety standard in Dallas, which provides rest and water breaks to workers on construction sites.

Additionally, it would kill potential new city policies that prevent sexual assault and harassment of hotel housekeepers by requiring hotel and motels to issue housekeeper panic buttons.